REBEL EM has primarily been a clinical blog focusing on critical appraisal of research, but now we are proud to introduce


, an initiative to improve discussion of core content in emergency medicine/critical care. Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) has long been dedicated to discussing current literature to shorten knowledge translation. However, if all you use is FOAMed, then you will have “swiss cheese knowledge”, due to the lack of having foundational knowledge. The entire breadth of emergency medicine is not currently covered by FOAMed with a disproportionate representation of critical care topics (i.e. ECG, Ultrasound, Resuscitation, Procedures). REBEL Core will continue to discuss the foundational knowledge necessary in all aspects of emergency care.
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REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – Vomiting

Take Home Points Think about causes – is it the head, the belly, or something else leading to the vomiting Get a upreg on all females of childbearing age Peritoneal signs – look for rebound/guarding, consider surgery consult prior to …

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Abdominal and GastroinstestinalEndocrine, Metabolic, Fluid, and ElectrolytesInfectious Disease

REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – Chest Pain

Take Home Points Take chest pain seriously – ACS and PE patients don’t always appear ill – look for the silent killer cases Remember 4-2-1 approach to chest pain = 4 chambers, 2 lungs, 1 esophagus EKG’s – get an old …

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Abdominal and GastroinstestinalCardiovascularResuscitationThoracic and Respiratory

REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – Asthma

Take Home Points Wheezing can be absent when severe – be wary of the silent chest = impending respiratory failure Not everything that wheezes is asthma! Beware of mimics – COPD, CHF, anaphylaxis, stridor Consider dexamethasone in those with poor …

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Allergy and ImmunologyInfectious DiseaseThoracic and Respiratory

REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – Shortness of Breath

Take Home Points Keep a wide differential Think of the airway, lungs, heart, blood, kidneys, acid/base, brain Use Wells & PERC consecutively to stratify those who you think may have a PE Silent chest is asthma patients is a harbinger …

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Allergy and ImmunologyEndocrine, Metabolic, Fluid, and ElectrolytesHead, Eye, Ear, Nose, and ThroatPyschobehavioralResuscitationThoracic and Respiratory

REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – COVID-19

Take Home Points Constantly evolving disease with various presentations Identify those that are hypoxic are deliver appropriate oxygen therapy Give steroids to those that are hypoxic Educate patients about the course of the disease and what to look out for …

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Infectious DiseaseThoracic and Respiratory

REBEL Cast – Basics of EM – Cough

Take Home Points Be aware of the red flags – fever, HIV, hemoptysis, TB risk factors Is the onset acute or chronic Characterize sputum production – spoon full, cup full, bucket full- Hemoptysis – most can have streaking and thats …

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Allergy and ImmunologyHead, Eye, Ear, Nose, and ThroatInfectious DiseaseThoracic and Respiratory

REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – Sore Throat

Take Home Points Look for the red flags – fever, drooling, neck stiffness, toxic ingestion, uvula deviation, voice changes Steroids help with swelling Obtain CT soft tissue neck for concerning presentations Don’t be a cowboy/cowgirl – get consultants involved early …

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Head, Eye, Ear, Nose, and ThroatInfectious DiseaseThoracic and Respiratory

REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – Intoxication

Take Home Message Do not ignore abnormal vital signs – they can be the harbinger of badness Watch out for developing withdrawal, treat early and aggressively These patients are a major fall risk – keep rails up, place on safety …

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REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – AMS

Take Home Points Walk in – decide sick/not sick Do I need help now? If so, call in the troops Stable – start asking questions – A LOT OF THEM Investigate – reach out to family, bystanders, EMS, PMD, pharmacy …

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Endocrine, Metabolic, Fluid, and ElectrolytesPyschobehavioral

REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – Eye Complaints

Take Home Points Always check the vital signs of the eye – visual acuities, field of vision, ocular pressure Go in thinking whether you have to call Optho or not Get the story – was there trauma or did it …

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Head, Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat