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The SWIFFT Trial: To Cut or To Cast – That Is the Question

Background: FOOSH injuries, or falls onto outstretched hands, are a common presentation to the emergency department, and can frequently result in scaphoid fractures.  In fact, scaphoid fractures “account for 90% of all carpal fractures and 2-7% of all fractures” (Dias).  The …

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Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE)

Definition: Medial or posterior slippage of the femoral capital epiphysis relative to the metaphysis Epidemiology: Classic patient group: overweight adolescent boys Over 80% of SCFE involves children with a BMI > 95th percentile (Manoff 2005). Average age of onset: 12 …

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REBEL Core Cast 37.0 – Spinal Epidural Abscess

Take Home Points Spinal Epidural Abscess may present insidiously and patients often lack the classic triad of fever, back pain and neurologic symptoms Empiric Antibiotics should cover Staphylococcus (including MRSA) and Gram negative Bacilli All patients with clinical suspicion require …

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The FISH RCT: Surgical vs Non-Surgical Management of Displaced Humeral Shaft Fractures

Background: Humeral shaft fractures are commonly seen in the Emergency Department and emergency management is relatively straightforward: assess for other trauma, assess for radial nerve injury, analgesia, sling or functional bracing and follow up with orthopedics. However, there are debates …

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Clinical Pearls from ACEP 2017 – Washington D.C.

This year ACEP 2017 took place in Washington D.C. from Oct. 29th – Nov 1st, 2017.   There were lots of amazing speakers and topics as was evidenced by the eruption of everyone’s twitter feeds with the #ACEP17 hashtag.  I was …

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