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REBEL Core Cast 70.0 – Open Fractures

Take Home Points: Prioritize ABCs and systematic evaluation of the trauma patient with an open fracture as one third of these patients have multiple injuries Assess neurovascular status and immediately reduce and immobilize if compromised Give appropriate antibiotics as soon …

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Ketorolac for Acute MSK Pain: 15mg IM vs 60mg IM

The opioid epidemic has ignited a revolution in ED pain management over the last 5+ years. As such, opportunities for research have become more abundant and have driven ED pain management forward. Regional anesthesia, lidocaine infusions, intranasal ketamine, etc., are …

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The SWIFFT Trial: To Cut or To Cast – That Is the Question

Background: FOOSH injuries, or falls onto outstretched hands, are a common presentation to the emergency department, and can frequently result in scaphoid fractures.  In fact, scaphoid fractures “account for 90% of all carpal fractures and 2-7% of all fractures” (Dias).  The …

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Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE)

Definition: Medial or posterior slippage of the femoral capital epiphysis relative to the metaphysis Epidemiology: Classic patient group: overweight adolescent boys Over 80% of SCFE involves children with a BMI > 95th percentile (Manoff 2005). Average age of onset: 12 …

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REBEL Core Cast 37.0 – Spinal Epidural Abscess

Take Home Points Spinal Epidural Abscess may present insidiously and patients often lack the classic triad of fever, back pain and neurologic symptoms Empiric Antibiotics should cover Staphylococcus (including MRSA) and Gram negative Bacilli All patients with clinical suspicion require …

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