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REBEL Core Cast 126.0 – Peds Hem Onc Emergencies

Take Home Points Early administration of antibiotics (within 60 min) in patients with fever and neutropenia is life saving. Fever in sickle cell is an emergency and always requires cultures and antibiotics even if the child appears well. Avoid sedation …

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Should We Be Switching to Whole Blood Instead of Component Therapy in Hemorrhagic Shock?

Background: Hemorrhage remains as one of the biggest causes of death in trauma patients. Strategies such as permissive hypotension, massive transfusion protocols, avoidance of crystalloids, TXA, and definitive hemorrhage control help decrease mortality in these patients. Empiric component blood transfusion …

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ANNEXA-1: Andexanet Alfa Associated with Harm in DOAC Reversal

Background: In May of 2018, Andexanet alfa gained accelerated approval by the FDA for the reversal direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) despite a lack of robust evidence for use. The 2022 AHA/ASA guidelines give the drug a level 2A recommendation and …

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Rosh Review My EMCert Monthly Question

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Hematologic Emergencies in the Critical Care Setting Part 2

Background: Hematologic emergencies in the critical care setting are rare but deadly complications that can often be managed appropriately if identified early on and received prompt intervention. In this 2-part review, we will discuss several hematologic emergencies and discuss the …

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