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Rebellion21: Good Vibrations with Corona – Using POCUS in the COVID Era via Eric Chin, MD

In this 18-minute presentation from Rebellion in EM 2021, Dr. Eric Chin, MD describes the role of point-of-care ultrasound in the evaluation of a COVID patient. Much of this talk focuses on thoracic and lung ultrasound.

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The KetaBAN Trial: Nebulized Ketamine for Analgesia in the ED

Background: Intravenous sub-dissociative dosed ketamine has gained an expanded role in the management of a variety of acute painful conditions in the ED (REBEL EM).  When IV access is not readily available or unobtainable, sub-dissociative dosed ketamine can be given …

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REBEL Core Cast 59.0 – C-Spine Intubation

Take Home Points Neck movement (both extension and flexion) has the ability to cause cord damage. Using hyperangulated blade in video laryngoscopy improves chances for glottic visualization in patients with a c-collar in place. Ultimately, hypoxemia kills – Intubate the …

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REBEL Cast Ep99: The INTUBE Study –  Adverse Peri-Intubation Events in the Critically Ill

Background: It’s no surprise that unplanned, emergency intubations are significantly different from intubations in the operating room (OR). Unplanned intubations on the floors and in the ED and ICU settings are highly unlikely to be “physiologically optimized:” they have underlying …

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Dogmalysis: GCS <8, Then Intubate?

In emergency medicine, the standard of care is to place an advanced airway for ventilatory or oxygenation failure, impending airway compromise, or inability to protect the airway. A patient with significant cognitive impairment may have depressed gag and/or cough reflexes, …

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