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REBEL Core Cast 94.0 – SBO

Take Home Points SBO should be considered in all patients presenting with abdominal pain particularly if they have a prior abdominal surgical history Patients with SBO often have non-specific signs and symptoms. There is no history or physical exam feature …

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Abdominal and Gastroinstestinal

Cetirizine Vs Diphenhydramine For the Treatment of Acute Urticaria in the ED

Background: Diphenhydramine, a first-generation antihistamine, is the most common pharmacologic agent used to treat acute allergic reactions. Despite being highly effective in treating acute allergic reactions, first-generation H1 antihistamines cross the blood-brain barrier and bind to H1 receptors, which can …

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Allergy and Immunology

The RAMPP Trial: Randomised Ambulatory Management of Primary Pneumothorax

Background: Primary spontaneous pneumothorax, by definition, occurs without trauma or any underlying lung pathology. Often patients are otherwise young and healthy. However, management continues to be debated and may lead to unnecessary hospitalization. Previous studies regarding ambulatory management included randomized …

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Thoracic and Respiratory

REBEL Core Cast 93.0 – Lithium Toxicity

Take Home Points Lithium toxicity comes in a three flavors: acute, chronic and acute on chronic. Each form will have a different presentation as well as management. Lithium levels are often unreliable in terms of guiding management and must be …

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7d vs 14d of Antibiotics in Afebrile Men with UTI

Background: Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common reasons for anti-microbial use (Tan, 2016). However, the optimal treatment duration for UTI in men is not well studied, and current practice guidelines are based on historical dogma. One …

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Infectious Disease