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Congestive Heart Failure and Sepsis: A Closer Look at Fluid Management

Background: In medicine, guidelines are valuable tools that help guide care. However, they are not rigid rules that must be strictly followed. Clinicians often find themselves grappling with the challenge of balancing the demands of meeting Center for Medicaid & …

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REBEL Core Cast 113.0 – ACS Therapies and Management

Take Home Points: All STEMIs should be loaded with dual antiplatelet therapy. Prasugrel (Effient) is avoided as there is an increase in bleeding complications if the patient requires a CABG. NSTEMI cases can be challenging to manage. Consult Cardiology early …

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Rosh Review EM Scholar Monthly Question

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UK-REBOA on Trial: Innovative or Over-Inflated?

Background: Hemmorhage is a major cause of preventable death in trauma patients. Early expeditious definitive hemorrhage control is a major focus in trauma resuscitation. Patients with torso hemorrhage present a clinical conundrum often requiring interventional radiology or surgery, both of …

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REBEL Core Cast 112.0 – Awareness During Paralysis

Take Home Points: Dose your RSI meds correctly.  Reach for post-intubation sedation at the same time you are asking for your induction agent and paralytic.   Propofol is a great choice for post-intubation sedation, and if your patient becomes hypotensive do …

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