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How Much O2 Is Right in COVID?

Background: Hypoxemic respiratory failure is a frequent complicating feature of severe COVID-19 infection. Early in the pandemic, extensive efforts were made to identify the best approach to oxygenation in this group of patients. Best practices settled on aggressive use of …

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Infectious Disease

From Debate to Data: Emerging Insights into RSI Induction with Ketamine vs Etomidate

Introduction: Resuscitationists continue to debate the choice of induction agents in rapid sequence intubation (RSI). Critics of etomidate highlight its link to adrenal suppression in critically ill patients (Albert 2011), while critics of ketamine highlight the higher incidence of post-intubation …

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Intubation in Surgical Patients: VL vs DL

Background: Although most intubations are typically successful there is still a portion of patients that may require multiple intubation attempts.  Repeated intubation attempts could lead to respiratory and hemodynamic complications. We recently covered the DEVICE trial on REBEL EM which …

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Hematologic Emergencies in the Critical Care Setting Part 2

Background: Hematologic emergencies in the critical care setting are rare but deadly complications that can often be managed appropriately if identified early on and received prompt intervention. In this 2-part review, we will discuss several hematologic emergencies and discuss the …

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Hematology and Oncology

REBEL EM Book Club – MicroSkills

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