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REBEL Cast Ep116: The CLOVERS Trial – Restrictive vs Liberal Fluids in Sepsis-Induced Hypotension

Background: IV fluids are part of the standard resuscitation bundle in septic shock, however it is unclear if they provide a significant benefit. These patients can have a vasodilated vascular bed and the initial use of fluids is hypothesized to …

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Infectious DiseaseResuscitation

Rosh Review EM Scholar Monthly Question

You are working in a rural ED, and an older woman from a local assisted care facility arrives via ambulance in obvious respiratory distress. EMS is able to tell you that she is currently being treated for pneumonia. The patient …

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Thoracic and Respiratory

Return Encounters in Emergency Department Patients Treated with Phenobarbital Versus Benzodiazepines for Alcohol Withdrawal

Background: The emergency department is frequently visited by patients suffering from symptomatic alcohol withdrawal, and the traditional management has been dominated by repeated doses of benzodiazepines.1, 2 Phenobarbital has been studied as an alternative or adjunct to benzodiazepines with encouraging …

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REBEL Core Cast 101.0 – Imaging in Renal Colic

Take Home Points Many patients with renal colic require a CT scan. Diagnostic imaging should focus on eliminating concerning mimics; not on clinching the diagnosis of renal colic. POCUS and radiology department US are important modalities in evaluation of renal …

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Renal and Genitourinary

Shifting the Paradigm: Can We Manage Mechanically Ventilated Patients with Occult Traumatic Pneumothorax Conservatively?

Background: Clinically significant pneumothoraces in patients on mechanical ventilation can be dangerous as positive pressure ventilation can cause an increase in intrapleural pressure and trigger tension physiology. Occult pneumothoraces are those not suspected clinically or not evident on plain radiographs …

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