Author: Salim Rezaie

Rebellion21: Subtle Ts on the ECG You Can’t Afford to Miss via Amal Mattu, MD

In this 28-minute lecture from Rebellion in EM 2021, Dr. Amal Mattu, MD goes over several cases of ECGs and subtle T waves you can’t afford to miss.

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The BaSICS Trial – Balanced Solution vs 0.9% Saline Solution in Critically Ill Patients

Background: One of the most common treatments in critically ill patients is  the administration of intravenous fluids.  Historically, 0.9% saline has been one of the most common solutions used in resuscitation. In 2015 we saw the publication of the SPLIT …

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Endocrine, Metabolic, Fluid, and Electrolytes

REBEL EM Useful Critical Care/ICU Stuff

I have started to split my time between the ED and ICU.  Obviously these two areas of clinical care have their similarities, but also have their differences. So I decided to create this post to put things that I have …

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ResuscitationThoracic and Respiratory

REBEL Cast Ep100: REVVED UP – COVID-19 Vaccination in the ED

Background: COVID-19 is now a vaccine preventable illness but, unfortunately, many have not received the COVID-19 vaccine due to a number of reasons including access, misinformation and a lack of confidence.  In the US, the emergency department is the safety …

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Infectious Disease

Rebellion21: Canadian TIA Risk Score vs ABCD2

The management of patients with transient ischemic attacks (TIA) can be difficult.  Do they all need admission, or can low risk patients go home?  How do we define low risk?  Multiple scoring systems are in place to help answer that …

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