Author: Salim Rezaie

Monkeypox…The Basics

Background: Monkeypox is a poxviridae virus closely related to smallpox (variola).  It was first described in humans in 1970 and has since become endemic in parts of Africa.  In recent weeks, clusters of cases have been described in several countries …

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Infectious Disease

Embedding Fonts into Your PowerPoint on Macs

It’s no secret or surprise that I love presentation design.  I love to nerd out on it like I do dissecting recent clinical literature.  What is surprising to many is that I use PowerPoint for my presentations, and not Keynote.  …

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REBEL Cast Ep109: The RePHILL Trial

Background: Currently, trauma resuscitation focuses on immediate hemorrhage control, resuscitation with blood products (i.e. PRBCs, plasma) and early administration of tranexamic acid.  The evidence for the use of blood-based resuscitation in the pre-hospital system has been mixed (PAMPer and COMBAT …

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Hematology and OncologyTrauma

Intermittent Fasting and PLEASE Don’t Just Read the Abstract

Background: There are many lifestyle modification strategies available as a way to aid in weight management.  Two in particular include calorie restriction and intermittent fasting. Caloric restriction is self-explanatory, however personal experience has been it can be difficult to maintain …

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Endocrine, Metabolic, Fluid, and Electrolytes

Using the Word “Quiet“ in the ED

Background: For those who believe in superstition, the superstitious belief that saying the word “quiet” while working in the ED will result in a calamitous surge of patients is a real concern. We reviewed a study from 2019 performed in …

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