July 1, 2014

Welcome to REBEL Cast Episode 1, where Matt, Swami, and I are going to tackle a couple of scenarios to help your clinical practice.  Today, we are going to specifically tackle two different topics:
  • Topic #1: Clinically Important Biphasic Anaphylaxis
  • Topic #2: Total Lymphocyte Count (TLC) as a Surrogate Marker for CD4 Counts

REBEL Review 58: Antimicrobial Chemoprophylaxis in Meningococcal Disease

Created March 12, 2014 | Infectious Disease | DOWNLOAD

February 17, 2014

Critical illness is a life-threatening multisystem process that can result in significant morbidity and mortality. Timely, appropriate, and effective care for these patients is something all emergency physicians strive for. Using data from clinical trials of previous years, we can improve patient management and outcomes. In this post, I list my five critical care articles for your clinical practice in the care of these patients.

REBEL Review 16: Pneumonia Buzzwords – Part 2

Created November 2, 2013 | Infectious Disease | DOWNLOAD

REBEL Review 17: SIRS-Sepsis Definitions

Created November 2, 2013 | Infectious Disease | DOWNLOAD