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REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – Back Pain

Take Home Points Ask about the red flags: cancer, fever, IVDA, FND, point tenderness, saddle/perianal anesthesia, trauma, urinary retention, bowel incontinence, weight loss Most don’t need XR’s – set this expectation and advise against bed rest Consider XR’s: h/o cancer, …

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REBEL Core Cast 60.0 – Pyomyositis

Take Home Points – Unexplained tachycardia (or any abnormal vital sign) warrants investigation. – Pain, induration, “woody” feel of any muscle group should raise suspicion of infection in that muscle group that has spread hematogenously especially in those with predisposing …

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REBEL Core Cast 37.0 – Spinal Epidural Abscess

Take Home Points Spinal Epidural Abscess may present insidiously and patients often lack the classic triad of fever, back pain and neurologic symptoms Empiric Antibiotics should cover Staphylococcus (including MRSA) and Gram negative Bacilli All patients with clinical suspicion require …

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REBEL Core Cast 28.0 – Conference Pearls

Take Home Points¬† No palpable pulse does not equal no perfusion. We aren’t great at feeling pulses Patients with moderate to severe signs and symptoms of lithium toxicity should be considered for hemodialysis Always consider serious causes of back pain …

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Effectiveness of Diazepam Adjunct Therapy in Acute Low Back Pain

Background: Low back pain is an extremely common presentation to US Emergency Departments (EDs) representing 2.4% or 2.7 million visits annually. The vast majority of presentations are benign in etiology but can be time consuming and frustrating for both patients …

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