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REBEL Cast LogoWelcome to the REBEL Cast, and for those of you who have not checked out the site already, REBEL EM stands for Rezaie’s Evidence Based Evaluation of Literature in Emergency Medicine and I will be your host, the rebel himself…

Salim R. Rezaie, MDSalim Rezaie, MD

Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Trained
Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians (GSEP)
San Antonio, TX
Twitter @srrezaie

I am lucky enough to be joined by two great physicians in emergency medicine on this podcast:

Matt AstinMatt Astin MD, MPH

Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Trained
Mercer University School of Medicine
Macon, GA
Twitter: @mastinmd


Anand SwaminathanAnand Swaminathan, MD, MPH

Assistant Residency Director of Emergency Medicine at Bellevue/NYU
New York, NY
Twitter: @EMSwami


There will also be guest appearances from several other contributors of the FOAM community from time to time.

What will the format of the podcast be?

Matt, Swami, and I will review 2 – 3 papers that we find every month and discuss implications for clinical practice

  1. First we will set the clinical stage with a hypothetical case or clinical question
  2. Next we will discuss the paper going through some of the pertinent results and limitations
  3. Finally we will give our clinical take home points

This will NOT be a long, in-depth review of the design, methods, and statistical analysis but rather brief reviews of what you need to know for patient care.

If there are papers people want us to evaluate how can you get them to us?

  1. Email us at srrezaie@gmail.com
  2. Leave us a message with a link to the paper on this page
  3. Hit us up on twitter @srrezaie, @EMSwami, and/or @mastinmd

Links to Episodes:

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Salim Rezaie

Emergency Physician at Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians (GSEP)
Creator & Founder of R.E.B.E.L. EM