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REBEL Cast LogoWelcome to the REBEL Cast, and for those of you who have not checked out the site already, REBEL EM stands for Rezaie’s Evidence Based Evaluation of Literature in Emergency Medicine and I will be your host, the rebel himself…

Salim R. Rezaie, MDSalim Rezaie, MD

Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Trained
Associate Clinical Professor at University of Texas Health Science Center
San Antonio, TX
Twitter @srrezaie


I am lucky enough to be joined by two great physicians in emergency medicine on this podcast:

Matt AstinMatt Astin MD, MPH

Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Trained
Mercer University School of Medicine
Macon, GA
Twitter: @mastinmd



Anand SwaminathanAnand Swaminathan, MD, MPH

Assistant Residency Director of Emergency Medicine at Bellevue/NYU
New York, NY
Twitter: @EMSwami



There will also be guest appearances from several other contributors of the FOAM community from time to time.

What will the format of the podcast be?

Matt, Swami, and I will review 2 – 3 papers that we find every month and discuss implications for clinical practice

  1. First we will set the clinical stage with a hypothetical case or clinical question
  2. Next we will discuss the paper going through some of the pertinent results and limitations
  3. Finally we will give our clinical take home points

This will NOT be a long, in-depth review of the design, methods, and statistical analysis but rather brief reviews of what you need to know for patient care.

If there are papers people want us to evaluate how can you get them to us?

  1. Email us at rebelemcast@gmail.com
  2. Leave us a message with a link to the paper on this page
  3. Hit us up on twitter @srrezaie, @EMSwami, and/or @mastinmd

REBEL Cast Archive


Episode NumberREBEL Cast Blog Post ArchiveTopics DiscussedDate Released
00 For More Info Click HereIntroduction to Podcast06/19/2014
01For More Info Click HereClinically Important Biphasic Anaphylaxis

Total Lymphocyte Count as a Surrogate for CD4 Counts
02For More Info Click HereVomiting Kids & Head CT

SIRS Doesn't Always Equal Infection
03For More Info Click HereNIPPV for Pre-Hospital Respiratory Distress

Once Weekly IV Dalbavancin for Skin Infections
04For More Info Click HereThe Use of Cephalosporins in Penicillin Allergic Patients01/10/2015
05For More Info Click HereRSI with Intraosseous Access

Compression During Charging in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
06For More Info Click HereOseltamivir (Tamiflu) for Influenza Like Illnesses

The HEART Score in Chest Pain Risk Stratification
07For More Info Click HereBLS vs ACLS in OHCA

The PROMISE Trial - Anatomic vs Functional Testing for CAD
08For More Info Click HereStandard CPR vs Active Compression Decompression CPR with Augmentation of Negative Intrathoracic Pressure for Treatment of OHCA04/20/2015
09For More Info Click HereSepsis Care in 201505/04/2015
10For More Info Click HereSteroids in Anaphylaxis Treatment

Age of PRBCs in Critically Ill Patients
11For More Info Click HereThe Crashing Asthmatic06/01/2015
12For More Info Click HereDelayed Sequence Intubation (DSI)06/15/2015
13For More Info Click HereAll Oxygen Episode

The AVOID Trial - Oxygen vs Room Air for STEMI

The FLORALI Trial - High Flow Oxygen Through Nasal Cannula in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure
14For More Info Click HereEarly Cardiac Catheterization in OHCA with Non-STEMI08/03/2015
15For More Info Click HereMedical Expulsive Therapy for Renal Colic

Use of the Broselow Tape to Estimate Pediatric Weights
16For More Info Click HereAll VTE Episode

Home Tx of Low Risk VTE with Rivaroxaban

RV Dilation on POCUS Performed by ED Physicians
17For More Info Click HereAll ED Thoracotomy Episode

FAST US Examination as a Predictor of Outcomes After Resuscitative Thoracotomy

Blunt Trauma Thoracotomy
18For More Info Click HereTop 5 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines Updates for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC)10/22/2015
19For More Info Click HereAll Vascular Access Episode

Intravascular Complications of CVCs

US vs Landmark for PIV Cannulation
20For More Info Click HereReducing D2B times <90min

Continuous vs Interrupted CPR in OHCA
21For More Info Click HereSensitivity of Early Brain CT to Exclude SAH02/11/2016
22For More Info Click HereAdvice to the Graduating Resident - Anand Swaminathan02/29/2016
23For More Info Click HereIs ST-Segment Elevation in Lead aVR Geting Too Much Respect with Amal Mattu03/14/2016
24For More Info Click HereAdvice to the Graduating Resident - Amal Mattu03/28/2016
25For More Info Click HereIs Apneic Oxygenation Overhyped with Scott Weingart04/04/2016
26For More Info Click HereAdvice to the Graduating Resident - Victoria Brazil04/18/2016
27For More Info Click HereThe PROCAMIO Trial: IV Procainamide vs IV Amiodarone for Stable Wide Complex Tachycardia08/15/2016
28For More Info Click HereRefractory Ventricular Fibrillation09/05/2016
29For More Info Click Here2016 IDSA Nosocomial Pneumonia Update - No More HCAP?10/10/2016
30For More Info Click HereThe PESIT Trial11/29/2016
31For More Info Click HereObstructive Left Main Coronary Artery Disease: PCI or CABG?12/19/2016
32For More Info Click HereThe All Hyperoxia Edition02/20/2017
33For More Info Click HereTriage ECGs - Minimizing Interruptions in a Busy ED03/09/2017
34For More Info Click HereThe Death of Mechanical CPR?03/23/2017
35For More Info Click HereTreatment of Appendicitis with Antibiotics First Strategy04/03/2017
36For More Info Click HereResuscitate Before You Endoscopate?
37For More Info Click HereSepsis 3.0: Definitions/Identification of Sepsis05/01/2017
38For More Info Click HereDo All Submassive PE’s Require Treatment with Thrombolysis?05/15/2017


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Salim Rezaie

Emergency Physician at Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians (GSEP)
Creator & Founder of R.E.B.E.L. EM

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