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Rebellion in EM 2019: Resuscitative Hysterotomy via Jaime Hope, MD

The perimortem cesarean section, or better named the resuscitative hysterotomy, is a procedure that is performed at or near death of a pregnant patient.  Most experts agree that this procedure should be performed in a maternal arrest with a pregnancy …

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Obstetrics and GynecologyResuscitation

Rebellion in EM 2019: Suboxone for Opioid Addiction via Salil Bhandari, MD

Background: The role of the ED physician in helping stop the opioid epidemic is three-fold: safe prescribing practices, beginning suboxone administration in the ED as part of an ED/Community Suboxone program, and providing Narcan prescriptions to at risk patients. Most …

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Rebellion in EM 2019: 3 Things That Have Changed the Way I Intubate

Background: Despite decades of experience with endotracheal intubation, we continue to find approaches to improving the process of how we intubate. In this talk at Rebellion in EM 2019, Rob J. Bryant, MD gave a 14 minute 12 second talk …

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Procedures and Skills

Rebellion in EM 2019: Navigating Through Adversity and Setbacks in Medicine

Life and work can serve up its fair share of adversity and setbacks that we have to contend with. In medicine we are often tasked to perform under time pressures to do complex procedures, deal with human suffering, and make decisions …

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Rebellion in EM 2019: What the Fluid? Wieters vs Bryant

Normal saline started being used based on work done in the 1830s with cholera.  We are still doing the same thing the same way and it’s not until recently we have begun to ask the hard questions about why we …

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Endocrine, Metabolic, Fluid, and Electrolytes