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Rebellion in EM 2019: Got Milk? via Jenny Beck-Esmay, MD

“You’re working a shift in whatever the lower acuity version is of your department. So maybe it’s fast track, maybe you call it an urgent care. Whatever it is, it’s a unit where they take doctors, who trained for 7 …

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Obstetrics and Gynecology

Steroids in Septic Shock via George Willis, MD

“You’re in the emergency department, you have a patient who EMS has brought in from a nursing home…who’s excited? Right, nobody is. And they are brought in for a chief complaint of altered mental status. So they’re concerned about sepsis. …

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Infectious Disease

Rebellion in EM 2019: Care for Yourself – Sleep Hygiene via Arlene Chung, MD

Chronic sleep deprivation can affect health, performance, and safety.  There are many causes of sleep deprivation including stresses of daily life, shift work, and unrecognized sleep disorders.  In this talk from Rebellion in EM 2019, Arlene Chung, MD, facts about …

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Rebellion in EM 2019: Optimal Airway Management in OHCA via Chris Hicks, MD

Traditionally, endotracheal intubation has been the gold standard for airway management in cardiac arrest. However, more recent data suggests that maybe less is more (i.e. supraglottic airways and/or bag valve mask ventilation).  The AHA guidelines have also de-emphasized airway management …

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Procedures and SkillsResuscitation

Rebellion in EM 2019: All PEA is Not the Same via Tarlan Hedayati, MD

A 57-year-old man is watching his son’s baseball game when he suddenly collapses. Witnesses did not appreciate a pulse, so they started CPR. Unfortunately, an AED was not available. EMS was called and when they arrived within minutes the patient …

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