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REBEL Core Cast 126.0 – Peds Hem Onc Emergencies

Take Home Points Early administration of antibiotics (within 60 min) in patients with fever and neutropenia is life saving. Fever in sickle cell is an emergency and always requires cultures and antibiotics even if the child appears well. Avoid sedation …

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Hematology and OncologyPediatrics

REBEL Core Cast 125.0 – Hyperkalemia

Take Home Points Always obtain an EKG in patients with ESRD upon presentation Always obtain an EKG in patients with hyperkalemia as pseudohyperkalemia is the number one cause If the patient with hyperkalemia is unstable or has significant EKG changes …

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Endocrine, Metabolic, Fluid, and Electrolytes

REBEL Core Cast 124.0 – Hyperinsulinemia Euglycemia Therapy

Take Home Points Management of severe beta-blocker and calcium-channel blocker toxicity should occur in a stepwise fashion: potential gastric decontamination, multiple lines of access, judicious fluids, calcium, glucagon, and vasopressors as needed. Initiation of high dose insulin therapy requires a …

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REBEL Core Cast 123.0 – Posterior Epistaxis

Take Home Points: Posterior epistaxis is a rare, life-threatning presentation. The key is in identifying and rapidly gaining control with a posterior pack or foley catheter. These patients often require surgical intervention so get ENT to the bedside and admit …

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Head, Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat

ANNEXA-1: Andexanet Alfa Associated with Harm in DOAC Reversal

Background: In May of 2018, Andexanet alfa gained accelerated approval by the FDA for the reversal direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) despite a lack of robust evidence for use. The 2022 AHA/ASA guidelines give the drug a level 2A recommendation and …

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