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REBEL Core Cast 109.0 – Na Channel Blocker Poisoning

Take Home Points: In the context of poisoning, a “wide QRS” is anything greater than 100 milliseconds. A newly “wide QRS”, especially with hemodynamic instability, should prompt consideration of sodium channel blockade and not ventricular tachycardia. Treatment is guided by …

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REBEL Core Cast 108.0 – Angioedema

Take Home Points: Airway management is paramount; expect a challenging intubation and consider controlling the airway early if there is apparent airway compromise. Understanding the cause of angioedema (mast cell vs. bradykinin mediated) helps dictate directed management. Urticaria and pruritus …

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Allergy and Immunology

REBEL Core Cast 107.0 – Vertebral Osteomyelitis

Take Home Points Clinical presentation is very nonspecific; evaluate all patients presenting with back pain for infectious risk factors. Baseline labs should not guide diagnosis, but may assist in later management. MRI is key to diagnosis, obtain this imaging in …

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Infectious DiseaseOrthopedics

REBEL Core Cast 106.0 – Nerve Block Basics

Take Home Points

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Procedures and Skills

REBEL Cast Ep122 – Delayed vs Rapid Sequence Intubation in Agitated Trauma Patients

Background: Getting a definitive airway in a critically ill trauma patient can be a stressful situation.  The potential for soiled airways, cervical spine injuries, maxillofacial injuries and head injuries combined with agitation/delirium, altered mental status and hypoxemia can make securing …

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