Author: Anand Swaminathan

REBEL Core Cast 64.0 – Acute Pancreatitis

Take Home Points Pancreatitis is diagnosed by a combination of clinical features (epigastric pain with radiation to back, nausea/vomiting etc) and diagnostic tests (lipase 3x normal, CT scan) A RUQ US should be performed looking for gallstones as this finding …

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Abdominal and Gastroinstestinal

REBEL Core Cast 63.0 – Adrenal Crisis

Take Home Points Adrenal insufficiency is a life-threatening emergency; recognize early and treat aggressively Hallmark is hypotension refractory to IVF/pressors Suspect in patients with unexplained hypotension and risk factors Prior glucocorticoid therapy History of autoimmune diseases Hyperpigmentation¬† AIDS or TB …

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Endocrine, Metabolic, Fluid, and Electrolytes

REBEL Core Cast 62.0 – Hemophilia

Take Home Points Infuse factor first, investigate later Treat when bleeding is suspected, not confirmed. Have a low threshold! It is better to over treat than undertreat. Give full dose when in doubt Factor 8 = 50U/kg Factor 9 = …

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Hematology and Oncology

REBEL Core Cast 61.0 – Debriefing

Take Home Points 1. Debriefing is critical. Studies show numerous benefits in terms of team communication and staff ability to regroup. 2. Start by gathering your team, thanking them for their work and noting that nothing could have changed the …

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REBEL Core Cast 60.0 – Pyomyositis

Take Home Points – Unexplained tachycardia (or any abnormal vital sign) warrants investigation. – Pain, induration, “woody” feel of any muscle group should raise suspicion of infection in that muscle group that has spread hematogenously especially in those with predisposing …

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