Author: Anand Swaminathan

Less is More . . . Again: Speed of IV Fluid Administration in Pancreatitis (WATERFALL Trial)

Background: Standard emergency department management of acute pancreatitis has focused on aggressive hydration, analgesia and investigation for an underlying reversible cause (eg gallstones). Recent evidence has challenged the routine use of aggressive hydration as unnecessary. There are also potential harms …

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Abdominal and Gastroinstestinal

REBEL Core Cast 86.0 – Hand Nerve Blocks

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Procedures and Skills

Heads Up! There is No Association with Improved Outcomes for Head Up CPR: Why We Must Read Past the Abstract

Background: There are only two interventions that have been proven in the medical literature to improved outcomes in cardiac arrest: high-quality CPR and early defibrillation. Over the years, we as a scientific community have worked extensively to find other interventions …

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REBEL Core Cast 85.0 – Superficial Venous Thrombosis

Take Home Points SVT >5cm or <3 cm from the SFJ should be treated with anti-coagulation.  The rate of concurrent DVT and PE in patients with SVT is 25% and 5%, respectively. 

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REBEL Core Cast 84.0 – AVNRT

Take Home Points AVNRT is a common tachydysrhythmia that results from a reentrant loop within the AV node. Unstable patients with AVNRT should be considered for immediate synchronized electrical cardioversion. Stable patients with AVNRT can have a trial of vagal …

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