Author: Anand Swaminathan

REBEL Core Cast 81.0 – Priapism

Take Home Points Priapism is compartment syndrome of the penis. Ischemia and infarction can occur with prolonged priapism and rapid treatment and detumescence is critical Provide adequate analgesia early to facilitate necessary interventions. Dorsal block of the penis is the …

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Renal and Genitourinary


Background: The publication of the MR CLEAN trial in January 2015 changed the face of ischemic stroke care. This was the first study demonstrating a benefit to endovascular treatment of a specific subset of ischemic stroke patients: those with a …

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REBEL Core Cast 80.0 – Compartment Syndrome

Take Home Points Compartment syndrome is a life and limb threatening emergency that requires early recognition, prompt diagnosis and immediate management with fasciotomy While clinical evaluation is flawed, pain out of proportion to injury and pain with passive stretch of …

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REBEL Core Cast 79.0 – Orthostatics in Volume Loss

Bottom Line: Based on the limited available evidence, it’s unlikely orthostatic vital sign measurement can be used to determine which patients have volume loss and which do not. The baseline prevalence of orthostatic vital signs is common and patients will …

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REBEL Core Cast 78.0 – Herpes Zoster

Take Home Points Classically, herpes zoster will present with rash and pain in a dermatomal distribution Immunocompromised patients are at greater risk for significant complications of zoster, including visceral dissemination and zoster ophthalmicus Appropriate therapy includes antiviral therapy within 72 …

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DermatologyInfectious Disease