REBEL Core Cast 115.0 – Cardiogenic Shock

Take Home Points:

  • Know clinical (cold extremities, oliguria, confusion, dizziness, narrow pulse pressure) and laboratory markers (metabolic acidosis, elevated creatinine, lactic acidosis) of hypoperfusion.

  • An elevated lactate is a danger sign and requires explanation.

  • Norepinephrine is a great first line vasopressor in Cardiogenic shock.

  • Dobutamine is useful for inotropic support in Cardiogenic shock.

  • Use POCUS in ED. In addition to echo and VTI for cardiac output, use IVC assessment for central venous pressure/volume status.

REBEL Core Cast 115.0 – Cardiogenic Shock


Staten Island EM: Only in Staten Podcast

Links: VTI Calculation on Echo:

Post Created By: Anand Swaminathan MD, MPH

Post Peer Reviewed By: Salim Rezaie MD (Twitter @SRRezaie)

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