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REBEL Core Cast 115.0 – Cardiogenic Shock

Take Home Points: Know clinical (cold extremities, oliguria, confusion, dizziness, narrow pulse pressure) and laboratory markers (metabolic acidosis, elevated creatinine, lactic acidosis) of hypoperfusion. An elevated lactate is a danger sign and requires explanation. Norepinephrine is a great first line …

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DoReMi Trial: Milrinone vs Dobutamine for Treatment of Cardiogenic Shock

Background Information: The management of patients in cardiogenic shock is often multifactorial, consisting of mechanical circulatory support, vasopressors and inotropes. While the latter two are the foundation of therapy, the literature is scarce on whether milrinone or dobutamine will be more …

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Critical Care Fundamentals: Management of Shock Part 2B

Shock is defined as circulatory failure leading to decreased organ perfusion.  In a shock state there is an inadequate delivery of oxygenated blood to tissues that results in end-organ dysfunction.  Effective resuscitation includes rapid identification and correction of inadequate circulation. …

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