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Hydroxycobalamin vs Methylene Blue for Vasoplegic Shock from Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Background Information: Vasoplegic shock is defined as hypotension with normal or increased cardiac output and can commonly occur in post-cardiac surgery patients having received cardiopulmonary bypass. This dysregulation of vasodilation is associated with a mortality of close to 25%. After …

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Adjunctive Methylene Blue in Septic Shock?

Background: Sepsis can induce numerous physiologic derangements.  At the most severe end, this includes endothelial dysfunction leading to increased vascular permeability, abnormal nitric oxide metabolism, and vasodilation (i.e. septic shock).  Judicious fluid resuscitation is indicated in patients with signs of …

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REBEL Core Cast 90.0 – Methemoglobinemia

Take Home Points Methemoglobinemia can result from exposure to a number of different medications. The most common are dapsone and topical anesthetic agents (i.e. benzocaine) Consider the diagnosis in any patient with cyanosis and hypoxia that doesn’t respond to oxygen …

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