Rebellion21: Stroke – Tiiii-ii-iiime is on Your Side, or is it? via George Willis, MD

In this 15-minute lecture from Rebellion in EM 2021, George Willis, MD discusses acute ischemic stroke and the evidence base for and against thrombolysis.

George Willis, MD
Emergency Medicine
University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio
Twitter: @DocWillisMD

The use of thrombolytics in stroke has been a controversial one for many years.  There is a constant questioning of risk vs. benefit that anyone tasked with this decision has to deal with.  Two papers have shown a benefit for patients within a 3 hour window and even one with an extended 4.5 hour window since symptom onset that people have lauded since their publication.  However, there have been some recent publications calling into question the validity of these 2 studies.

Presentation Objectives

  • Discuss the re-analysis of the NINDS-II and ECASS-3 trial and their clinical implications

Post Peer Reviewed By: Salim R. Rezaie, MD (Twitter: @srrezaie)

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Salim Rezaie

Emergency Physician at Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians (GSEP)
Creator & Founder of REBEL EM

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