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Non-Sterile Gloves for Suturing Traumatic Lacerations?

Background: Traumatic lacerations presenting to the emergency department are, by definition, contaminated (ie non-sterile). ¬†Standard management involves irrigation, local anesthesia, closure and tetanus update if required. The existing literature has never shown benefit to sterile gloves in these types of …

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REBEL Core Cast – Basics of EM – Lacerations

Take Home Points Don’t make bite width to small – look at the curvature of the needle – start the bite at half the curvature of the needle Don’t pull too tight – this will pucker the skin and lead …

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REBEL Core Cast 55.0 – Wound Care II – Dogma

Take Home Points There is no strict golden hour for wound closure. Location, contamination and patient factors all should be taken into account Dog bites can be closed primarily. Bites on the hand and foot are higher risk for infection. …

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