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REBEL Core Cast 103.0 – Caustic Ingestions

Take Home Points Caustics are substances that injure tissue upon physical contact. Caustic potential is not purely a function of pH. The decision to admit is dependent on the history and physical. Vomiting, drooling, and stridor are concerning. Stridor alone …

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Abdominal and GastroinstestinalToxicology

REBEL Core Cast 102.0 – Burn Management

Take Home Points The Parkland formula can be used to be a guide for initial fluid resuscitation. This is based on second- and third-degree burns (not first-degree). Utilize response to treatment as a guide to continue fluid resuscitation. Patients in …

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REBEL Core Cast 101.0 – Imaging in Renal Colic

Take Home Points Many patients with renal colic require a CT scan. Diagnostic imaging should focus on eliminating concerning mimics; not on clinching the diagnosis of renal colic. POCUS and radiology department US are important modalities in evaluation of renal …

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Renal and Genitourinary

REBEL Core Cast 100.0 – Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

Take Home Points Alcoholic Ketoacidosis (AKA) can present with significant acidemia (pH < 7.00). Despite the significant acidemia, patients with AKA can remain alert and lucid despite their severe metabolic derangement. Relying on urine ketones for diagnosis can be misleading, …

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REBEL Core Cast 99.0 – Bundle Branch Blocks

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