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REBEL Crit Cast Ep5.0 – Conquering Congenital Cardiac Lesions

There are generally 3 main congenital heart diseases presentations that young children between ages of 0 days to about 3 months will present with.  Often times you will see experts split these congenital heart lesions into 2 categories: Cyanotic vs …

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Are You Pausing Too Long During CPR?

Background: Outside of early defibrillation and high-quality CPR, little has been shown to improve outcomes in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). In theory, rapid identification of the underlying cause of arrest can be beneficial. Many emergency clinicians have adopted Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) …

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REBEL Core Cast 68.0 – Pericarditis

Take-Home Points Always consider STEMI as the diagnosis prior to diagnosing pericarditis. If the EKG shows convex ST elevations, reciprocal ST depressions, or dynamic changes, the patient is much more likely to have a STEMI. Patients with pericarditis should be …

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Rebellion21: Not Your Gallbladder – Clutch US Diagnoses in RUQ Pain via Jennifer Carnell, MD

In this 17-minute presentation from Rebellion in EM 2021, Dr. Jennifer Carnell, MD demonstrates how ultrasound can be used to make a diversity of diagnoses in patients with right upper quadrant pain beyond ultrasound’s expected use in the diagnosis of …

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The Real-World Calculation of the HEART Score

Background: Not a single clinical shift passes without evaluation of at least one patient with chest pain. This chief complaint accounts for 6.5 million visits per year and is the second most common presenting symptom to the emergency department (ED).1 …

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