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Please welcome a new development in critical care publishing with the launch of a new open access critical care journal: CRITICAL CARE HORIZONS!!!  This will be a fresh, new, original voice in the critical care literature, offering thought provoking, cutting-edge commentary, opinion papers, plus state-of-the art review articles.

What is Critical Care Horizons?

A journal with a focus on discussion, commentary, sharing of insight, experiences, and ideas central to the progress of the critical care specialty. This will be a free to publish and free to read journal opening authorship opportunity to all working with the critically ill.  The main objective is to improve the care offered to patients with critical care illness.

How will this journal be different from other critical care journals?

The unique aspect of this journal will be combining the rapidity, broad exposure, and dynamic discussion characteristics of social media with the academic standards of an indexed, peer-review process. Since the journal will be covering the full spectrum of clinical care, submissions from all disciplines involved in the care of the critically ill and injured will be welcome.  Submissions can be from the entire spectrum of care including: pre-hospital resuscitation, emergency department care, ICU-based management, post-discharge follow-up, as well as anything else associated with improvement in patient care.

Critical Care Horizons will be aligned with the altruistic ethos of the FOAMed movement, and affiliated with several of the leading critical care and emergency medicine blogs.  There is an energetic editorial board, consisting of a deliberate mix of clinicians active in social media and world renowned academics.

What blogs are affiliated with this journal?

Critical Care Reviews
Intensive Care Network
Life in the Fast Lane
Northern Ireland Intensive Care Society
Rage Podcast
St. Emlyn’s

How and when will this journal publish?

The journal will publish directly to the website (, as soon as it has cleared the peer-review and editorial processes.  Issues will be published quarterly, with additional special editions as required.

Is there any conflicts of interest or funding disclosures for the journal?

The journal will be run on a not-for-profit basis, with editorial staff operating on a voluntary basis without monetary reimbursement. This is a journal for the critical care community, by the critical care community, without access impediment, or financial bias.

When will the first issue of this journal be published?

The first articles will be published June 2015

Where can I get more information about this journal?


Twitter: @CCHjournal



Critical Care Horizons
c/o Dr. Andrew Ferguson
Intensive Care Unit
Craigavon area Hospital
68 Lurgan Road
Portadown BT63 5QQ
United Kingdom

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