October 21, 2015

The Countdown has Begun for smaccDUB


The countdown has begun:

#smaccDUB registration opens next week!

SMACC is back and heading to Europe. This is the first time the conference will be held in Europe and at last, the final countdown has begun with less than 7 days to go until registration opens for SMACC Dublin. Remember this year registration is capped at 2000 delegates, so registration will most likely sell out quickly.

smaccDUB Dublin Convention Centre

The Convention Center Dublin

Given the multitude of different time zones, the best way to be sure you don’t miss out is to synchronize your alarms with the countdown timer on the smaccDUB website www.smacc.net.au

Information on the program, workshops, accommodation options, smacchandise, affiliated pre-SMACC meetings, the SMACC Kids club and registration pricing is all available now on the website – so check it out and be ready!

Hope to see you at smaccDUB…


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