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The Safety and Efficacy of Push Dose Vasopressors in Critically Ill Adults

Background Information: Acute Hypotension is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Continuous vasopressor infusions have previously been the mainstay of treatment. However, peripherally dosed push dose pressors, (PDPs), are beginning to be administered more frequently for management of acute hypotension.1-4 …

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Critical Care Fundamentals: Management of Shock Part 2A

Shock is defined as circulatory failure leading to decreased organ perfusion.  In a shock state there is an inadequate delivery of oxygenated blood to tissues that results in end-organ dysfunction.  Effective resuscitation includes rapid identification and correction of inadequate circulation. …

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Pediatric Push Dose Epinephrine: Getting the Epi Dose Right During Pediatric Resuscitation

Warning: Limited Published Evidence on this Topic You have just intubated a 4 year old with sepsis from a bad pneumonia. Post intubation BP is 70 systolic, while waiting for the epinephrine (adrenaline) infusion to come up from pharmacy you …

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