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REBEL Core Cast 55.0 – Wound Care II – Dogma

Take Home Points There is no strict golden hour for wound closure. Location, contamination and patient factors all should be taken into account Dog bites can be closed primarily. Bites on the hand and foot are higher risk for infection. …

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Do Patients with Posterior Epistaxis Managed by Posterior Packs Require ICU Admission?

This post is part 2 of epistaxis dogma. In the first post, we discussed the (dis)utility of prophylactic antibiotics in patients with epistaxis who require nasal packing. Here, we will take on dogma #2: Dogma #2: Patients with posterior packs …

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Do Patients with Epistaxis Managed by Nasal Packing Require Prophylactic Antibiotics?

Epistaxis is a common Emergency Department (ED) complaint with over 450,000 visits per year and a lifetime incidence of 60% (Gifford 2008, Pallin 2005). Posterior epistaxis is considerably less common than anterior epistaxis and represents about 5-10% of all presentations. …

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