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Peri-Intubation Anaphylaxis

Background: Peri-operative anaphylaxis is an unexpected complication of intubation. The major life threat in anaphylaxis is typically loss of airway, however profound hypotension and circulatory collapse are still possible life threats even in the setting of a protected airway. Peri-operative anaphylaxis is …

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REBEL Cast Episode 10: Corticosteroids in Allergic Reactions/Anaphylaxis & Age of PRBCs in Critically Ill Adults

Welcome to the May 2015 REBELCast, where Swami, Matt, and I are going to tackle a couple of articles just published this year.  First, there is a lack of research examining the efficacy of steroids in patients with allergic reactions or …

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REBEL Cast Episode 1: Clinically Important Biphasic Anaphylaxis & Total Lymphocyte Count as a Surrogate Marker for CD4

Welcome to REBEL Cast Episode 1, where Matt, Swami, and I are going to tackle a couple of scenarios to help your clinical practice.  Today, we are going to specifically tackle two different topics: Topic #1: Clinically Important Biphasic Anaphylaxis …

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Relationship of Radiocontrast, Iodine, and Seafood Allergies

Computed Tomography (CT) scan using radiocontrast is one of the most common imaging modalities used in emergency departments today. Several studies and my own anecdotal experiences indicate that both physicians and patients believe that iodine allergies are linked to seafood …

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