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Embedding Fonts into Your PowerPoint on Macs

It’s no secret or surprise that I love presentation design.  I love to nerd out on it like I do dissecting recent clinical literature.  What is surprising to many is that I use PowerPoint for my presentations, and not Keynote.  …

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Conference Must Go On! What are my Options for Remote Video Conferencing? 

In light of COVID19, many medical institutions are cancelling not only international and domestic travel, but any gatherings of greater than 20 people.  This is leaving residency program leadership across the country scrambling to look for remote video conferencing options …

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Slide Design Tip: How Does an Eyedropper Improve Slides?

Have you ever wondered how to get your text color to match your image color?  It’s not hard and can make a good slide become an amazing slide.  Matching colors make consistent, professional-looking PowerPoint or Keynote slides.  The steps to …

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REBEL EM has primarily been a clinical blog focusing on critical appraisal of research, but now we are proud to introduce REBEL Prez , in an effort to improve presentations. Lectures may not be the ideal way to communicate information …

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What Every Speaker Needs to Have When Traveling to a Conference

Anyone speaking on the international/national level has run into AV difficulties and there is nothing more stressful than not being prepared to handle it.  In this post, what every speaker needs to have when traveling to a conference, we (Salim …

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