REBEL Core Cast 75.0 – Femoral Lines

Take Home Points:

  • Newer data suggests that the infection and DVT rates for femoral lines are similar to that for internal jugular central lines.
  • In a resuscitation situation, there are likely faster ways to obtain access than a femoral line (ie IO, Peripheral IV).
  • If you are going to place a femoral line, use ultrasound and position your patient properly.

REBEL Core Cast 75.0 – Femoral Lines

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  • Akhter M, Runde D, Lee J. Which Central Line Insertion Site Is the Least Prone to Infection. Ann Emerge Med 2013; 61(3): 362-3. PMID: 23141919

Post Peer Reviewed By: Salim R. Rezaie, MD (Twitter: @srrezaie)

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