REBEL Core Cast 5.0 – Accidental Hypothermia

Take Home Points:

  1. Hypothermia is neuroprotective and patients can survive prolonged periods of cardiac arrest. Termination of resuscitative efforts in cardiac arrest should not considered until the patient is >32°C or has a K > 12 mEq/L
  2. Active internal rewarming is the keystone of treatment for unstable hypothermic patients. Utilize available resources including ECMO to effectively warm your patient
  3. Consider alternate causes for hypothermia, especially in patients who fail to respond to warming

REBEL Core Cast 5.0 – Accidental Hypothermia

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Anand Swaminathan

Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at St. Joe's Regional Medical Center (Paterson, NJ)
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3 thoughts on “REBEL Core Cast 5.0 – Accidental Hypothermia”

  1. Thank you for this podcast. I live in Michigan and had a case just within the last month and I learned a lot from this. We had a hypothermic patient that arrested at 25 C and rewarmed him with bair hugger, peritoneal lavage, and Warm IVF, then transferred for ECMO and other interventions and he was talking days later I was told, I couldn’t believe it. I am a 3rd year resident and enjoy your podcasts thoroughly and just wanted to again say Thank you!.


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