FOAM Impact Study Follow Up

Online educational resources, social media, and asynchronous education increasingly dominate innovation and continuing medical education for practicing emergency physicians. The “Free Open-Access Medical Education” (FOAM) movement has utilized the power of global connectivity to drive narrowing of the knowledge translation window, however critics have urged caution and warned of error, as many of these resources lack peer review or quality control [1]. REBEL EM is an online educational resource widely used throughout the FOAM community, garnering an average of 3,000 – 30,000 views/engagements per educational post, and satisfying all quality indicators that have been previously identified as markers of reliability and usability for digital scholarship [2]. To this end, we at REBEL EM are conducting a survey looking at rates of certain medication usage in the treatment of renal colic.  This is the follow up survey after the publication of the LIDOKET trial.

FOAM Impact Study Follow Up:

Purpose: To better understand emergency provider management of pain secondary to renal colic.
Procedure/Tasks: Complete an online survey composed of a series of questions related to the management of renal colic.  You will also answer some questions about your background.
Duration:  If you could click on the survey link below and answer a few questions, we would really appreciate it. The study will take approximately 2 – 3 minutes of your time.

Survey Link


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Post Peer Reviewed By: Rick Pescatore, DO (Twitter: @Rick_Pescatore)

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