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As a physician and newcomer to FOAM, I am finding that I have learned a lot of myths and pearls that are not true as I matriculated through school. This has taught me that learning from textbooks may be great for board exams, but  more importantly it is not optimal for patient care and has made me question a lot of different practices. We all want to know clinically relevant information that is evidence based and up to date that will make a difference in our care of patients. The purpose and goal of REBEL is to create a sustained change in beliefs, attitudes, and behavior through review of the best evidence available.

What does REBEL EM stand for?

REBEL EM stands for Rational Evidence Based Evaluation of Literature in Emergency Medicine.  We cover a myriad of topics, primarily focusing on evidence-based clinical topics.

At its core, evidence-based medicine (EBM) incorporates clinical judgment, relevant scientific evidence, and patient values/preferences.  Research and scientific evidence help inform care but should not dictate care of patients.

With the constant influx of new published research, it makes it difficult to stay current with the latest and greatest.

What are REBEL Reviews?

This series takes on different topics, removes the fluff and consolidates the information into one high-yield chart or infographic.  This will be a FREE resource and will cover a myriad of topics seen in emergency medicine and critical care.  Ever see a critically ill patient, and can’t remember the dosing of something or just how to do it? Well, hopefully, this will be a useful tool as you work clinically. If there are topics you want to see here, drop a line to srrezaie@gmail.com.

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What is REBEL CME?

These activities provide the learner with methods to acquire and critically appraise research. These activities will discuss the reliability of information, how the learner can keep current with research, and apply this information to their clinical practice. As the website owner, I am currently paying for everything out of pocket. Services such as upkeep, hosting, and security is beginning to add up as we gain more visitors and traction. One of the things our readers love is the lack of random ads, videos or sound bits interrupting their viewing time.  This is one way you can give back to the site and also claim CME, a mutually beneficial trade off.

What is REBEL Cast?

REBEL Cast is the blogs audio version. The podcast typically starts by setting a clinical stage with a pertinent clinical question, followed by a discussion of the paper with pertinent results, strengths, limitations, and further discussion.  Finally, we end every podcast with clinical take home points from the papers being reviewed.  If there are papers you think we should evaluate, email them to srrezaie@gmail.com.

What is REBEL Core?

REBEL EM has primarily been a clinical blog focusing on critical appraisal of research, but now we are proud to introduce REBEL Core, an initiative to improve discussion of core content in emergency medicine/critical care. Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) has long been dedicated to discussing current literature to shorten knowledge translation. However, if all you use is FOAMed, then you will have “swiss cheese knowledge”, due to the lack of having foundational knowledge. The entire breadth of emergency medicine is not currently covered by FOAMed with a disproportionate representation of critical care topics (i.e. ECG, Ultrasound, Resuscitation, Procedures). REBEL Core will continue to discuss the foundational knowledge necessary in all aspects of emergency care.

What is REBEL Prez?

REBEL EM has primarily been a clinical blog focusing on critical appraisal of research, but now we are proud to introduce REBEL Prez, in an effort to improve presentations. Lectures may not be the ideal way to communicate information but, they continue to be ubiquitous. One of our good friends, Ross Fisher, states that every great talk has three core components: the story, the supportive media, and the delivery. All three components are equally important for impactful presentations. Therefore, it’s important to improve our skills to optimize presentations by focusing on these three components of presentation design:

  • The Preparation
  • The Design
  • The Delivery

From time to time we will post some presentation pearls on the blog to help raise the bar of presentation delivery.

What is REBEL Crit?

We believe that critical care is not simply a location or a unit in a hospital, but the practice of providing care to those who need urgent support to treat or prevent a life-threatening illness. Whether you’re a paramedic, nurse, EM, IM, CCM doc, etc… REBEL Crit will help you critically appraise the literature so that you can deliver the highest quality, evidence based and compassionate care to your patients.

REBEL Crit not only review’s recent publications, but has many review article’s, on often complex topics, to help you, the busy provider, continue to provide the best care possible. Soon, REBELCrit will be launching a critical care podcast through our already popular REBELCast!

REBEL Crit strives to give you the most up to date and timely information so that you can be the best provider you can be and deliver the best care to your critically ill patients!

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