REBEL EM/EEM 2020 Fellowship Competition Winner

The REBEL EM/EEM 2020 Fellowship  Competition involved creating an infographic about a myth in Emergency Medicine. An important element of the design was the ease of sharing through social media to increase the reach and exposure of the educational content. The piece was supposed to be creative, demonstrate visual impact in communication of the topic, showcase educational prowess, and teach us all something about a topic that the registrants were passionate about!

All applicants had to be in good standing at an accredited Emergency Medicine program in the United States, or in good academic standing at any Emergency Medicine residency program in the world, and be available to attend all 3 days of the conference in San Francisco, CA (May 21 – 23, 2020).

Judging Criteria

A panel of REBEL EM associate editors and EEM conference organizers looked through all the submissions and voted on the submissions to pick a winner. Infographic submission were judged on:

  1. Relevance: How relevant is this submission to EM education and/or clinical practice?
  2. Innovation: How creative and innovative is this submission?
  3. Design: How well is the information presented?
  4. Reach: How shareable is the design through social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook)?
  5. Content: How well did this candidate present the material with respect to clarity, conciseness, accuracy, references?

***All designs must have been original and self created (i.e. no subcontracting out work to graphic designers)

Infographic Submissions

Glorilyn Joyce Ong (PGY4) – Philippines

Jay Lin (PGY1) – New York

Mark Ramzy (PGY3) – New York

Mark Ramzy (PGY3) – New York

Ali Alhajiahmed (PGY1) – France


Maycol Franco (PGY4) – Italy

Jose Nunes de Alencar Neto (PGY3) – Brazil

Carl Preksaitis (PGY2) – California

Ramakrishnan Dindigal (PGY2) – India

Mohammad Anzal Rehman (PGY3) – United Arab Emirates

Mukul Ramakrishnan (PGY2) – New York

Jordan Wackett (PGY2) – Oregon

A big thank you to everyone who submitted for this competition. There were 12 submissions from all over the world, as you can see from above.  It was tough making a decision, but ultimately, following the rubric, once all the votes were tallied…drum roll please…

The Winner

Maycol Franco (PGY4) – Italy
University of Padua
Submission: 5 Myths About Lactate

Twitter: @FrancoMaycol

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