REBEL Crit Cast Ep 0.0 – The Intro

REBEL EM-ers: Salim & I would like to introduce the launch of a new REBEL EM project. We are adding a podcast focused on a wide variety of resuscitation and critical care topics in both Adult & Pediatric Medicine to the website. The podcast will be called REBEL Crit Cast, and will compliment are already popular REBEL Crit content on our parent site.  This will include blog posts and podcast content with a dedicated place on the parent site.

Instead of creating a separate podcast, we’ll be bringing you REBEL Crit Cast as part of REBEL Cast. This way, you won’t need to download another podcast.

The format may change over time, and I’d love to know your questions, and ideas for topics so that I can make this as practical and useful to YOU, our audience, as possible.

REBEL Crit Cast Episode 0.0 – The Intro

Click here for Direct Download of Podcast

A Couple of Announcements:

We had been having issues with our listserv on the website and had to change companies:

  • Visit the website and click “Subscribe to Rebel EM” on the right hand side of the page

We are Feverishly Planning for Rebellion in EM 2020:

  • June 5 – 7th San Antonio, Texas
  • Visit
  • There is a save the date and contact form
  • Registration will open by early 2020
  • Only 200 spots available

Introducing a New Component to the REBEL Cast: REBEL Crit Cast

  • This is a third part to REBEL Cast
    • REBEL Cast = EBM
    • REBEL Core Cast = Core Content
    • REBEL Crit Cast = Critical Care
  • We will be covering critical care and resuscitation topics in pediatric and adult medicine
  • Hosted by long-time contributor Dr. Frank Lodeserto, MD
    • Adult and Pediatric Intensivist at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA)
    • Adult fellowship program director for Adult Intensive Care
  • Hope to cover a wide range of topics to assist with the care of your patients

Post Transcribed By: Corinthia Stephanas Gonzales

Post Peer Reviewed By: Salim R. Rezaie, MD (Twitter: @srrezaie)

Cite this article as: Frank Lodeserto MD, "REBEL Crit Cast Ep 0.0 – The Intro", REBEL EM blog, December 30, 2019. Available at:

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