REBEL Core Cast 45.0 – Mesenteric Ischemia

Take Home Points

  • Be sure to consider mesenteric ischemia in any elderly patient with abdominal pain or lower gastrointestinal (GI) complaints.  Remember, the presentation can be tricky to find and they may have a reassuring abdominal exam.
  • Ask about artherosclerotic risk factors, history of cardiovascular disease including atrial fibrillation and prior embolic events, and a history of intestinal angina to help clue you in to the diagnosis.
  • Lab abnormalities could include leukocytosis, lactemia or elevated d-dimer.  But normal labs cannot exclude this disease.
  • The money is in the CTA.  Get it as fast as possible because time is bowel.
  • Consult your surgeons and interventional radiologists eary, because again TIME IS BOWEL

REBEL Core Cast 45.0 – Mesenteric Ischemia

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