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ATHOS-3: A New Vasopressor For Treatment of Vasodilatory Shock?

28 Aug
August 28, 2017

Background: As I walk to the bedside to re-examine my patient with refractory hypotension, I start thinking what else can I do? My patient came into the hospital with septic shock secondary community acquired pneumonia requiring me to intubate her due to impending respiratory failure. I subsequently placed a central venous catheter and an arterial line as I carefully volume resuscitated her.  I turned up her tidal volume momentarily on the ventilator to assess for pulse pressure and stroke volume variation, did a bedside echo, and attempted a passive leg raise, but it appears that she is volume replete. I started a norepinephrine infusion, and as the dose escalated, I added a vasopressin infusion, but she still remains hypotensive even after giving her stress dose steroids. As I contemplate my next move I am haunted by her bedside monitor alarming; MAP 50 mm Hg. What’s my next move? Read more →

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