January 23, 2019

When I was a kid, I used to play chess with my grandfather every day.  Each piece on the chess board had unique moves that could be made in order to help win and capture the other person’s king (i.e. checkmate).  I used to think the king was the most important piece when I was kid, but the truth is, the king, had some of the most limited moves. A more reasonable reality is that the strength of the king is enhanced by optimally orchestrating and enhancing each of the other piece’s abilities.  A team can either be successful or fail based on the management style of a leader. Recently, I also read a book called Multipliers, by Liz Wiseman who does an absolutely amazing job talking about the attributes of successful leaders.  I began to think about the ideas in this book and the analogies that could be made to the pieces on a chess board.  From this combination, I developed a talk on leadership : "Titles Don't Make Leaders."