March 1, 2021

When I first met Eric, I liked him immediately. I remember thinking: “Here’s a guy who has it all figured out.” At 33 years old, he rapidly ascended the academic ranks and was already applying for a residency program director position at my home shop. He had many publications, national lectures, and blog-posts to his credit. I was five years older and just starting my academic career with little to show thus far. There seems to be an “Eric” at every job. We all know these highly motivated individuals. They are on the fast track to success while we chug along, seemingly in slow motion. They are running blogs, producing podcasts, cranking out publication after publication, and speaking at national and international conferences. Let’s not forget, they also run 5 miles before the rest of us get out of bed! They never seem stressed, they have limitless bandwidth, and they are always eager to help. While we have many projects circling in our heads, we cannot seem to make any progress to move them forward. We have to ask ourselves: “What are they doing that we are not doing?”